Serapha: Chapter 4

Faraway in the flinty hills of the wild north, the troll king Urgog awoke from his slumber. He, like the rest of his kind, was a rhinoceros skinned creature built like an ape and bearing the snout and tusks of a hog. He emerged from his cave and knuckled his way through a ravine littered with bones. The other trolls were stirring in their caves, and when their king passed, they would lower their heads and lay open palms before him.  He would sometimes stop to sniff them, growling to remind them of their place. Once he reached the rough stairs cut into the hillside, he climbed up to the ruins of a fortress on top.

It had once belonged to the Mericas Dominion, but the trolls had taken it over a century ago. Most of the outer walls had crumbled, and what had once been the citadel in the center was little more than a heap of stones. On top of the head stood a crude throne made of rock. The Hurgog sat upon it and placed a crown of skulls upon his head. For over a decade he had been king those flinty hills, defending his throne and killing his challengers. One day he would grow too old and weak to survive his usurpers, but that day was far off. He and his clan were strong. He had defeated other troll clans of the wild north and had chewed on the bones of fallen kings. He had even sent his strongest warriors into the lands of the humans—the Mericas Dominion—and had them bring back prisoners. There were over a dozen men, women, and children huddled in a cage on the fortress grounds. Their capture was a mark of strength for Urgog. But more importantly, their soft flesh was a tasty delicacy.

The Urgog was just about to order one of the prisoners brought to him for his breakfast, but then there came a bright flash of light from above. The troll king looked up and saw a great fiery ball coming down from the sky. It roared with thunder and grew ever larger as it hurtled towards earth. The trolls bellowed and sought cover in their caves. Even Urgog hid behind his throne.

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